The World’s Largest Chevron Is a Perfect Road Trip Stop

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A man eating candy as he peruses the candy aisle in a gas station.

You can find the “world’s largest” of just about everything. There’s the largest ball of twine, mailbox, and pistachio. However, one attraction you might not be aware of is the world’s largest Chevron.

This is the perfect stop you won’t want to miss on your next road trip! Let’s take a look and see what the fuss is all about! 

What Is the World’s Largest Chevron?

The World’s Largest Chevron is a travel center named Terrible’s Road House. It has almost everything you could need for a successful road trip. Whether you need to resupply your snacks, fill up on fuel, or purchase a souvenir, Terrible’s Road House has no shortage of options.

You can easily spend 45 minutes to an hour wandering around Terrible’s Road House. You’ll find charging stations, lounges, and even airplanes hanging from the ceiling.

If you’ve dreamed of taking a selfie with a sasquatch, your dreams may come true! They have a 13’ sasquatch with a toothy smile that will look great for your next social media post.

Road trip to the World’s Largest Chevron and check out the 13 foot tall Sasquatch inside.

Where Is the World’s Largest Chevron?

You can find the World’s Largest Chevron off I-14 in Jean, Nevada. This massive Chevron gas station is about 35 to 40 minutes outside Las Vegas.

If your road trip has you coming or going to Sin City on I-15, make sure you plan to stop there. If you’re heading west, it’s one of the final exits on I-15 before heading into California.

Why Is It Called ‘Terrible’s Road House?’

The name “Terrible’s” comes from when the founder, Ed Herbst, moved his business from Chicago to Wyoming. Herbst had earned a reputation for having razor-thin margins on gasoline to attract customers.

He found that customers would drive miles out of their way to purchase cheaper gasoline. He made up for any lost profits when customers would come in to pay and buy snacks and other items inside the store.

When he attempted to set up shop in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a local city council member stated, “If we let that terrible Herbst in, we’ll all go under!” Herbst liked the sound of “Terrible Herbst” and used it to start a chain of service stations. Eventually, he dropped “Herbst” from the name and changed it to “Terrible’s.”

A roadhouse is typically a mixed-use property near a major highway or interstate in an area with a deficient population. Roadhouses are often in the desert and remote portions of the country to provide the necessities for travelers. Considering all of this, it’s a rather clever and fitting name for the business.

A Chevron gas station sign lit up at night.

Traveler’s Tip: These are the 7 Best Road Trip Gas Station Brands.

How Many Gas Pumps Does the World’s Largest Chevron Have?

You likely won’t have to wait long if you need to fill up on gas while at Terrible’s Road House. There are 96 pumps at the World’s Largest Chevron, which means you can be in and out at the pump in minutes. However, don’t just fill up on fuel when you stop at Terrible’s Road House.

Food and Drink Options at Terrible’s Road House

Terrible’s Road House offers a tremendous amount of food, snacks, drinks, and many other treats for you to enjoy. The World’s Largest Chevron is home to a White Castle restaurant, a rarity in southern Nevada. This is the first White Castle in Southern Nevada with a drive-thru.

If you need liquid energy, there’s a 30’ long coffee bar with nitro cold brew and various other blends, roasts, and flavors. The coffee is from Chicago’s Javo Beverage. There’s also no shortage of options for soda and other carbonated beverages. 

You’ll find the standard gas station items like hot dogs and sausages on the roller grills. However, you deserve a gold star if you can pass by the rows of fresh Krispy Kreme donuts without buying one for the road.

Don’t miss out on fresh donuts!

Things to Do at the World’s Largest Chevron

Candy Village

The Candy Village at Terrible’s Road House is a huge deal. It’s unlike any candy store you may have visited. This 4,000-square-foot candy store has nearly every candy on the planet

You’ll find nostalgic candy options and a unique experience that Terrible’s worked directly with Mars Wrigley to create. You’ll find a variety of Mars Inc. products and a limited-edition vending machine where you can pick your favorite flavors to create a personalized blend of Skittles.

You won’t look at candy stores the same again!

Red Bull Energy Lounge

You’ll love the Red Bull Energy Lounge if you enjoy Red Bull products. This lounge is one-of-a-kind inside a 30-foot Red Bull can.

You can purchase your favorite flavors of Red Bull and brand merchandise that isn’t available anywhere else. The lounge has lockers with charging stations to keep your mobile devices safe while they charge.

Visit the Red Bull lounge to recharge yourself and your devices.

Aside from the company’s original location in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Jack Link’s Wildside Store inside Terrible’s Road House is the only other Jack Link store. You can snap a photo with the brand’s 13-foot mascot, Sasquatch.  

Advance Auto Parts

If you need a car part or other accessories for your vehicle, you’re in luck! Terrible’s Road House is home to an Advanced Auto Parts location, which houses more than 500 items. They may have what you need to get back on the road!

Photo Opportunities

There are many opportunities to take photos in and around Terrible’s Road House. There are also multiple vehicles inside the store. You can stand beside a full-size NASCAR vehicle and gaze at the airplanes hanging from the ceiling.

You can spend time snapping pictures of yourself and the building. Don’t be in a rush to get out of here, and make sure you have plenty of space on your phone to store all the pictures you’ll take. 

Terrible’s Is the Perfect Road Trip Stop

Visiting any “World’s Largest” attraction is always a fun and unique experience. The location for Terrible’s Road House makes it an easy stop for those traveling between Las Vegas and many of the Southern California cities.

If you find yourself on a road trip in this area, it’s worth the time to stop. Even if you don’t need snacks or fuel, you can live the rest of your life telling your friends and family that you visited the World’s Largest Chevron.

What “World’s Largest” attractions have you visited during your adventures?

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