Where to Find Sea Glass Beaches in Maine

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Holding up a piece of smooth aqua sea glass matching the color of the ocean water in the distance.

Beachcombing may not appeal to surfers or sun worshippers who frequent the beach. But for those who like to see what treasures the ocean deposits on land, hunting for a sea glass beach in Maine can bring you great success.

These colorful collectibles are actually historical in nature, having spent many years in seawater depths. So finding a piece of sea glass can be quite satisfying.

Let’s look a little closer at sea glass and help you discover where to look for these gems.

What Is a Sea Glass Beach? 

An ocean beach where pieces of water-worn glass roll up on the sand is considered a sea glass beach. The glass usually comes from broken bottles that end up in the sea.

They’ve been tossed around for years, making their edges rounded and smooth. To qualify as “sea glass,” the glass must be in salt water.

The sunshine sparkles on wet pieces of sea glass tossed onto land by the ocean.

Here, the ocean has not only physically changed the glass, but the salt has chemically changed it. Glass found in freshwater lakes is just considered “beach glass,” as there is no chemical alteration.

Is There a Sea Glass Beach in Maine? 

There are several beaches in Maine that consistently offer up sea glass. The Atlantic Ocean currents bring pieces of sea glass to shore after they have been tumbling for years.

Their edges become soft and rounded, and the original shiny, transparent glass has been chemically changed to a translucent luster. This makes the sea glass appealing to jewelry artists and collectors.

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Where to Find Sea Glass Beaches in Maine

With a tidal coastline of 3,478 miles, there are plenty of opportunities to find sea glass on numerous beaches in Maine. We have only listed 10 here, but once you get hooked on searching for sea glass, you will definitely want to look for more beach destinations!

Belfast Beach in Belfast

Location: City Park Road, Belfast, Maine

About: One of the best beaches in Maine to find sea glass, Belfast Beach has several locations to hunt in. Start at the city park, then work your way down the beach in either direction. With their findings, many reported filling bags of sea glass in under an hour.

A beach completely filled with stones, pebbles, and brightly colored beach glass.

Spring Point Beach in South Portland

Location: South Portland, Maine

About: A scenic beach overlooking the Spring Point Lighthouse is where you will find sea glass at low tide. Follow the Spring Point Shoreway, walking from Fisherman’s Point to Buglight Park and you’ll come across two beaches just ripe for picking up sea glass.

Roque Bluffs State Park

Location: Roque Bluffs, Maine

About: A long crescent-shaped beach within the Roque Bluffs State Park overlooking Englishman Bay has access to saltwater and freshwater goodies. You may find some collectible sea glass on this historic peninsula and some beach glass.

A woman bends down to pick up treasures along the coast as the tide goes out.

Sea Glass Beach on Great Diamond Island

Location: Portland, Maine

About: You will have to book a tour to get to the beach on Great Diamond Island, but it will be worth it when you see the quality of sea glass and the lack of visitors. This private beach is accessible only by tour or guests of the Inn at Diamond Cove.

Located just a 25-minute ferry ride from Portland, Sea Glass Beach is a quiet destination with great sea glass hunting potential!

Cranberry Isles

Location: Cranberry, Maine

About: Consisting of five islands off the Maine coast near Acadia National Park, the Cranberry Islands are accessible by ferry boat. They have some amazing beaches where sea glass collectors can keep busy. Some have reported finding treasured dark blue and red specimens here.

A pile of blue, green, and white sea glass laying on a sandy beach during the daytime.

Sand Beach in Acadia National Park

Location: Acadia National Park, Maine

About: Aptly named Sand Beach is an extremely wide stretch of beach in Acadia National Park. The beach is between the rocky coast and some coastal hills.

It also turns up some rare and collectible sea glass in shades of light pink. Sand Beach is also less popular, so you might have the sand all to yourself as it’s a little more difficult to reach.

Mowry Beach in Lubec

Location: Lubec, Maine

About: Heading to the northeastern most point of Maine, you’ll find Mowry Beach. It resides within a conservation preserve and is about a mile long.

Being at the head of the Bay of Fundy, the tides are extremely exaggerated here. You can imagine the deposited sea glass on this beach!

A single piece of bright turquoise glass sitting on driftwood near the water's edge.

Fortune’s Rocks Beach in Biddeford

Location: Southeast of Biddeford

About: This two-mile-long section of beach extends along the open ocean, making it a great collection point for things “washed ashore.” You can usually find the best sea glass selection on the beach’s southern end.

Pebble Beach on Monhegan Island

Location: East of Boothbay Harbor, Maine

About: Grab yourself a boat and head east into the Atlantic to discover Monhegan Island, where an art colony has thrived for more than 100 years. Pebble Beach coughs up some sea glass for local jewelry artists and you if you are willing to search for it. While you are at it, enjoy 12 miles of hiking trails and the 1824 lighthouse that overlooks it all.

A palm holding several pieces of sea glass and sea shells found on the beach.

Popham Beach in Phippsburg

Location: Phippsburg, Maine

About: This beach, located just behind Morse Point, is a collector’s paradise, with not only sea glass but a wide variety of sea shells, as well. Along with the sand, you’ll find rocky moorings and tidal pools abound at low tide. Nearby you can also find some best beach camping Maine has to offer. Happy hunting!

Is a Sea Glass Beach in Maine Worth Visiting? 

If you enjoy the beach without swimming, sea glass hunting can be satisfying. Searching the shoreline for colorful trinkets in your collection or pieces of art to add to a jewelry design is a great way to enjoy the outdoors while engaging in any activity. And with all the sea glass beaches in Maine, you will have no shortage of destinations.

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