Visit the Weir Creek Hot Springs in Idaho and Watch Your Stress Melt Away

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A woman floats on her stomach and relaxes in the water of a natural hot spring.

If you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon, you’ll love Weir Creek Hot Springs. Tall pines circle the springs and fill the air with a delightful scent. The springs are easily accessible despite their remote location.

While many believe soaking in hot springs has medicinal benefits, we can’t confirm or deny this. However, we think that a hot spring soaking can be good for the soul and helps wash away the stresses of life.

Today, we’re sharing everything you need to know about Weir Creek Hot Springs in Idaho.

Where Is Weir Creek Hot Springs?

You’ll find Weir Creek Hot Springs in Clearwater National Forest in Northern Idaho. This is a remote area with thick forests. It’s approximately an hour and a half from Missoula, Montana, and an hour from Syringa, Idaho.

It has very little cell phone coverage or services. If you’re planning to visit this area, come with plenty of supplies!

How Do You Get to Weir Creek Hot Springs?

The Weir Creek Trailhead is simple to find and sits off Highway 12. Arrive early, as the parking lot is relatively small and can fill up quickly during the peak season. Once you find a parking spot, it’s a relatively short hike to the springs.

The hike is less than half a mile each way and isn’t challenging. However, while it is manageable, it can be steep in some sections. Some bathers may want to bring a walking stick to aid their hike.

A steaming hot springs pool surrounded with rocks near a spring fed stream flowing through the forest.

During the winter months, access to the springs can be difficult as snow and ice can make it hazardous. Runoff from melting ice and snow in the spring can render portions of the trail impassable.

Traveler’s Tip: Soak in these 5 hot springs in Southern California.

Can You Camp at Weir Creek Hot Springs?

There are several primitive, first-come, first-served camping spots at Weir Creek Hot Springs. As this is primitive camping, you’ll need to be self-sufficient and follow leave-no-trace practices. This is a highly-used camping area for the springs, and it would be a shame for irresponsible campers to ruin it. 

The camping area sees high traffic on the weekends during the summer months. Expect a lot of foot traffic through the campsites as many bathers unfamiliar with the area tend to get lost and walk through the camping area.

It can be quite a party scene too, so consider yourself warned. Don’t plan to retire early for the evening here!

When Is the Best Time to Visit the Hot Springs?

The springs are open year-round, but we think soaking in a hot spring with snowfall enhances the experience. The summer months and weekends are the worst times to visit. You may need to arrive very early or wait your turn to soak in the springs during these times.

Wintertime at Weir Creek Hot Springs

The springs seem to get busier as the night goes on. This is primarily due to the nearby Jerry Johnson Hot Springs having a nighttime closure.

The springs can become a party scene with unpredictable behaviors. Considering the springs are clothing optional, you never know what you’ll find once the sun goes down.

Just How Hot Are the Hot Springs?

The springs range in temperature from 100 to 105 degrees throughout the day. For your safety, you should avoid spending extended time soaking in the spring. You can experience health conditions like hyperthermia, heatstroke, and dehydration. 

We recommend no more than 10 to 15 minutes with breaks between soakings. However, we’re not medical professionals and aren’t providing medical advice. You should consult a trusted physician if you have any concerns before soaking in hot springs. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Snow covers the ground at Jerry Johnson Hot Springs in Idaho, which is not far from the Weir Creek Hot Springs.

What Else Can You Do Near Weir Creek?

If you’re looking for a bustling city or exciting nightlife, you won’t find it here. Weir Creek Hot Springs sits in a remote section of Idaho. It’s at least an hour to the nearest city, which means you want to ensure you have packed everything for your trip.

Soaking in the hot springs can be fun, but we understand that it’s not for everyone. There are several excellent hiking options in the area, including Kelly Creek, Fish Creek Trail, and Walton Lakes. If you’re looking for a multi-day hiking adventure, try the 20+ mile Seven Lakes Loop.

Is Visiting Weir Creek Hot Springs Worth It?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to relax and disconnect from the outside world, Weir Creek Hot Springs might be what you need. The isolated location means you won’t have to worry about text messages, emails, or social media notifications.

You’ll have an excuse to put the phone down and enjoy yourself. Modern technology can wait until you’ve soaked your worries away in these hot springs. Take advantage of the time to care for yourself to care for others later. 

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