10 Waterfalls in Connecticut That You Need to See

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The waterfalls at Kent Falls State Park in Kent, CT during Autumn

Waterfalls might not be in mind when you picture Connecticut, but this state has numerous beautiful falls perfect for exploring. Waterfalls pop up in the most unexpected places, and CT is no exception, with a treasure trove of falls dotting its landscape.

In this article, we’ll dig into the waterfalls you should check out on any Connecticut road trip. Let’s jump in!

Is Connecticut Known for Waterfalls?

Many people don’t know Connecticut for waterfalls. However, we can’t imagine why because the state has some beautiful cascading water features.

Sometimes the best places to see are the most unexpected. Waterfalls in CT are incredible beauties that’ll surprise you.  

Orange colors of autumn reflecting in the pools of water between the Kent Falls in Connecticut.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Connecticut’s Waterfalls?

Fall is the best time to visit waterfalls in CT because you’ll enjoy cool, crisp weather with an explosion of colorful leaves. Spring is another excellent time to visit because snowmelt will get the falls raging.

Still, fall is our favorite because it combines two epic sights; New England’s vibrant fall foliage and beautiful waters.

Traveler’s Tip: East Matunuck State Beach in Rhode Island is perfect for a relaxing summer day!

10 Gorgeous Waterfalls in CT You Need to See

Connecticut has a high number of beautiful waterfalls ready for you to explore. We’ll share the top 10 falls you need to see along your journey. Read on, and happy exploring!

#1 Kent Falls

Location: 462 Kent Cornwall Rd, Kent, CT 06757

About: Kent Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in CT. It features a series of waterfalls that meander over a quarter-mile stretch.

Kent Falls sits within a state park of the same name, featuring ample hiking, picnic, and exploring spots. The park also has a beautiful covered bridge and a popular photo spot.

Can You Swim? No, not at this particular spot because it’s shallow and cascades over rocks. 

#2 Enders Falls

Location: Enders State Forest in Granby, CT

About: Ender’s Falls consists of two large waterfall drops. They cascade 15 feet into a pristine pool below. The area also features one of Connecticut’s best hikes. You can enjoy several sets of falls that ultimately lead to Enders. 

Can You Swim? Yes!

#3 Yantic Falls

Location: 210 Yantic St, Norwich, CT 06360

About: Yantic is notable because it’s a waterfall in an urban environment. It features a wide drop that tumbles nearly 40 feet to the waters below. You can enjoy the falls from the lower portion or from a pedestrian bridge that spans above it. 

Can You Swim? Not here because the waters are too wild.

#4 Roaring Brook Falls

Location: 827 Roaring Brook Rd, Cheshire, CT 06410

About: Clocking in at 80 feet tall, this is one of the tallest waterfalls in CT. It’s also one of the more challenging ones to reach because you’ll need to hike quite a way to see it. However, as long as you love a good hike, you’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking sight as you watch this waterfall tumble to the rocks below. 

Can You Swim? Not directly at the falls, but you could swim at some nearby ponds if you want a dip. 

#5 Buttermilk Falls

Location: Lane Hill Road, Plymouth, CT, 06786

About: The best time to visit these falls is in the spring when snowmelt causes the water to cascade over rocks dramatically. You can best view the falls from above and then meander to see all the little water pools it creates as it flows down. The area also features incredible hiking opportunities you can enjoy with the falls. 

Can You Swim? Not here, because the water is too shallow. 

#6 Chapman Falls

Location: East Haddam, CT

About: One of the most exciting features of this waterfall is a series of circular holes cut into the rocks it flows over. While the legend is that Satan caused these in anger at getting his tail wet, the truth is the holes come from smaller rocks grinding into larger rocks by water flowing over the area for centuries. Take in these peaceful and smooth-flowing waterfalls in CT slowly as you enjoy nature.

Can You Swim? The pool below is a bit shallow, but you can swim.

#7 Knife Shop Falls

Location: Litchfield, CT, in Humaston Brook State Park

About: This waterfall has three drops with unique features. Along its 35-foot descent, you’ll see a raging, mild, and calm section of falls. There’s also a straightforward and fun hike that’ll bring you to the falls. 

Can You Swim? The experience is more of a sit and soak than a swim since the water is shallow, but it’s possible to swim. 

#8 Great Falls  

Location: Canaan, CT

About: Many know this as the “Niagara of Connecticut.” This massive waterfall rages over a broad berth and drops 50 feet into the waters below. Visit the beautiful nearby town of Falls Village for a fun bite after enjoying these waterfalls in CT.

Can You Swim? You cannot swim at the falls due to the sheer volume of water, but there are nearby swimming holes. 

#9 Aspetuck Falls

Location: New Preston, CT

Roaring Aspetuck Waterfall in CT rushing between rocky cliffs in the forest.

About: The neatest thing about this fall is that it sits in the middle of a quaint village with fun shops and walking areas. Aspetuck drops 20 feet through the center of town, so you can enjoy it as you walk around, experiencing other site features. 

Can You Swim? It’s shallow by the falls, so soaking your feet is probably as far as you’d get.

#10 Mount Carmel Spring Falls

Location: Hamden, CT, inside Sleeping Giant State Park

About: It’s best to see these waterfalls in CT in the spring. These tall but narrow falls drop 76 feet to the waters below. The state park around it features an array of hiking trails and other areas to explore. 

Can You Swim? You can’t swim at this one, but there are options in the state park for swimming. 

Discover the Beauty of Connecticut’s Stunning Waterfalls 

Connecticut may not be the first state you consider when you think of waterfalls. However, no trip through Connecticut is complete without a visit to one of its many falls.

The list above features some of the most popular, and some even feature swimming options with waterfall viewing. The next time you venture into The Constitution State, take a water break. 

Which of these waterfalls in CT will you visit first?

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