These Spectacular Water Falls in Idaho Will Blow You Away

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Sun shining through mist churned up by the Shoshone Falls in Idaho.

Water falls might not be the first thing you consider when traveling in Idaho. However, cascading waters do dot the Idaho landscape. From mountain water falls to raging rivers in the desert, Idaho offers diverse views.

It is also an RVers paradise. Idaho has many boondocking sites, national forest campgrounds, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) spaces ready for exploration.

If you’re traveling near Idaho, the water falls in our list below are worth the stop. Let’s dig in to see what makes these falls so spectacular. 

How Many Water Falls Does Idaho Have? 

Idaho has at least 63 water falls. You can find them from the upper panhandle to its southern expanses. Because it is a mountainous state, many water falls in Idaho feature steep drops and raging currents. 

What Is the Largest Water Fall in Idaho? 

Elk Creek Falls is the largest water fall in Idaho. Elk Creek Falls encompasses three water falls that tower to 170 feet and carve a canyon with tall basaltic formations. It is in the state’s southeast corner, 50 miles east of Moscow, Idaho.

The site offers day-use areas with picnic tables, grills, and numerous hiking trails. While you cannot camp overnight at the falls, the nearby Elk Creek Campground offers numerous campsites.

Traveler’s Tip: Head south and explore more amazing waterfalls in the state of Utah.

These Spectacular Water Falls in Idaho Will Blow You Away

Idaho features awe-inspiring water falls to take your breath away. We’ve listed our favorites among the 63 water falls in Idaho. They range from towering streams to falls that meander along rocks on their way down.

Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls

4155 Shoshone Falls Grade, Twin Falls, ID 83301

With the nickname “The Niagara of the West,” this vast and towering water fall has inspired awe for thousands of years. Shoshone Falls is one of the largest natural water falls in the U.S. and sits along the Snake River in Idaho.

Shoshone Falls in Idaho has multiple streams cascading over barren rock into beautiful pools.

It has many viewing spots and is within the city of Twin Falls. Twin Falls is a mid-sized town with excellent breweries, restaurants, and hiking trails. 

Upper Mesa Falls in Caribou-Targhee National Forest

Upper Mesa Falls Rd, Ashton, ID 83420

The Upper Mesa Falls is a thundering curtain that feeds into the quieter Lower Mesa Falls. Start your trip at the Mesa Falls Visitor Center to learn about the area, then head to the Mesa Nature Trail to experience the falls by foot.

Mist billows around the Upper Mesa Falls in Idaho, one of the grandest water falls in the region.

Harriman State Park is nearby and offers camping opportunities if you want to stay the night. As a bonus, Harriman State Park is within the Yellowstone ecosystem and is a stone’s throw from the national park.   

Perrine Coulee Falls in Twin Falls

Near 1741 Harrison St N, Twin Falls, ID 83301

The Perrine Coulee is tall and narrow, featuring a trail leading behind the water fall! Perrine Coulee falls is in Twin Falls, Idaho, where you can enjoy many hikes, nature sites, and fun restaurants. The Perrine Coulee is one of the numerous natural wonders in the southern Idaho region and a prime tourist spot.

Ritter Island Water Falls in Thousand Springs State Park 

1205 Thousand Springs Grade, Wendell, ID 83355

Ritter Island Water Falls is part of the Snake River and tumbles down a massive rock face.

This water fall is unique because it’s on a tiny island in the middle of a river. It cascades down a vast rock face, with many hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities nearby. Thousand Springs State Park is in Idaho’s Magic Valley, a rugged area with some of the finest wildlife and trails that Idaho offers.  

Fall Creek Falls in Caribou-Targhee National Forest

U.S. 26, Irwin, ID 83428

Fall Creek Falls could be straight out of a movie with its soft layers of water that pour over moss-covered rocks. Nestled within the Caribou-Targhee National Forest, natural beauty surrounds this water fall, and there are several trails to explore. Fall Creek Falls is on the Snake River in the Swan Valley of Idaho, a picturesque part of the state to explore. 

Cauldron Linn Falls near Murtaugh

Near 4542 E 3425 N, Murtaugh, ID 83344

With the nickname Star Falls, this cascading water fall is outside the small town of Murtaugh, Idaho. The name is French-inspired because French fur traders commented on the stunning and frothy waters at its base.

Cauldron Linn is along the Snake River and forms when the river passes through a narrow part of a canyon. The trail to the falls is a bit remote but still an easy walk for a moderately-skilled hiker. 

Fern & Shadow Falls in Idaho Panhandle National Forest

Near Devils Elbow Campground in Wallace, Idaho
(GPS Coordinates: QXC9+C2 Wallace, Idaho)

Deep in the lush, green forest, Shadow water fall cascades over a moss-covered rock face and onto moss covered logs below.

Fern and Shadow falls are a pair of falls accessible within minutes of each other on the same trail. These water falls are in the Idaho Panhandle, a rainforest-like oasis with lush plant life. Fern and Shadow falls are narrow and seem to explode through the trees. 

Devils Washbowl in Malad Gorge

Near 2314 S Ritchie Rd, Hagerman, ID 83332

Devils Washbowl is a water fall that bursts out of the rocks and collects into a large pool below. From a vantage point on one of the nearby bluffs, you can watch the water as it churns into a cauldron-like bowl. Devils Washbowl is within Thousand Springs State Park

Lady Face Falls in Sawtooth National Forest

Near Idaho 75, Stanley, ID 83278

Lady Face Falls is a serene water fall within Idaho’s Sawtooth National Forest. The Sawtooth Mountains are some of the most beautiful in the country, and you can enjoy Lady Face Falls along its namesake hiking trail. The water fall is peaceful, and you can sit along its banks, listening to the quiet water roll past.  

Jump Creek Falls in Owyhee County

S Jump Creek, Marsing, ID 83639

Jump Creek Falls is narrow, beautiful, and as stellar as its surroundings. Imagine being tucked into a spectacular canyon and watching a water fall cascade by, and that is Jump Creek Falls. The site is Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land, featuring numerous hiking trails where guests can appreciate the area. 

Jump Creek Water Fall

Is Visiting Water Falls in Idaho Worth It?

With over 63 water falls in diverse geological settings, stopping in Idaho is worth it. Idaho is a state that will pleasantly surprise you with its abundance of outdoor and camping opportunities. No matter where you are in Idaho, the chances are that you’re near scenic water falls.

Water falls are one of nature’s most stunning phenomena. Idaho may seem like an unlikely place for it, but it’s one of the best states in the U.S. to enjoy these raging waters.

The next time you’re in Idaho, visit one of its many water falls. Which one will you see first?

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