This Desert State Has Some of the Best Waterfalls

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Kanarraville Falls pours into a canyon made of red rock in Utah.

When you think of Utah, you may think of landscapes with red rocks and arches. However, Utah is a desert state that offers some of the most incredible waterfalls you could imagine. The reward for hiking to these waterfalls is cooling off and snapping some amazing pictures to share with others.

If you’re planning a trip to Utah, we’ve found some of the best waterfalls in the state. These are ideal options if you can’t snag a reservation at one of the national parks or want to see more of the state. Let’s get started!

How Many Waterfalls Does Utah Have?

It may surprise you to learn that Utah has approximately 75 waterfalls. While some waterfalls are higher than others, they’re all worth seeing.

Some are nothing more than a small stream, while others are grander and provide a warm pool for swimming and relaxing at the base. With so many waterfalls, you’ll have no problem finding one near you, no matter where you’re traveling in Utah.

Traveler’s Tip: There’s another desert state that may surprise you with its waterfalls — check out these 5 refreshing Arizona falls you can dip your toes into!

What Is the Biggest Waterfall in Utah?

If you want to visit the biggest waterfall in Utah, you’ll need to head to Provo Canyon to see Bridal Veil Falls. This is a famous waterfall for locals and tourists.

All 607 feet of this waterfall are breathtakingly beautiful. If you can only see one waterfall while in Utah, we suggest visiting Bridal Veil Falls.

Bridal Veil Falls, Utah

The Best Utah Waterfalls

With more than 75 waterfalls in the state, it’s hard to pick the best ones. However, we’ve picked our top ten and will share a little about them. Let’s dive in!

Bell Canyon Falls

Sandy, UT

About: Bell Canyon Falls is more than a single waterfall. This group of waterfalls in a serene, verdant forest provides gorgeous views into the surrounding valley. The first waterfall is awe-inspiring and the turnaround point for most hikers.

However, if you’re up for a challenge, don’t turn around here. Continue to Upper Bell and enjoy the views of the Upper Bell Canyon Reservoir. If you can handle the hike, you won’t regret it!

How to Get to the Falls: Getting to the falls requires a 4.6-mile hike along an easy-to-navigate pathway. Steep hills may be challenging for some visitors.

Emerald Pools and Falls

Zion National Park

About: Emerald Pools and Falls is one of several waterfalls inside Zion National Park. The red rocks that many travelers relate to Zion surround this waterfall. The pools and falls have emerald green flora that contrasts the bright colors of the stones.

While you can hike to Emerald Pools and Falls all year, visiting during the spring gives you the best chance to experience the pools. Snow melts and fills the rivers and streams, resulting in more impressive waterfalls and pools.

Trickling over steep rock cliffs in Zion National park is Emeral Pools and Waterfall in Utah.

How to Get to the Falls: Accessing Emerald Pools and Falls requires a three-mile trek over steep slopes and rocky paths. Have proper footwear and plenty of drinking water.

Adams Canyon Waterfall

Layton, UT

About: Adams Canyon Waterfall can be impressive or disappointing, depending on when you visit. If you visit during the spring months when the snow is melting, you’ll enjoy a fantastic stream of water flowing over the edge. However, during the summer and fall, the waterfall is typically nothing more than a steady trickle or a stream.

How to Get to the Falls: Those wanting to enjoy Adams Canyon Waterfall will need to traverse the nearly four-mile moderate difficulty trail. The trail is a winding path with scrub oaks and pleasant smells from the pines in the area.

Kanarraville Falls

40 S Main St, Kanarraville, UT

About: While Utah has much to offer, the extreme temperatures can make it challenging for adventures. This is why we think the hike to Kanarraville Falls is one you should consider!

You hike down a shady slot canyon and through a cool stream. Your reward is a magnificent and unique view of an incredible waterfall.

The 15’ waterfall may not sound like much, but the bright red rocks and rush of water are a stunning sight. A ladder is available to help visitors climb to the top for a unique view. However, be careful as the steps can be slippery when wet.

Kanarraville Falls in Utah is a waterfall that flows through a slot canyon made up of vibrant red rock.

How to Get to the Falls: The hike to Kanarraville Falls is moderately challenging. You have to navigate several boulders and a 20’ ladder once you arrive at the waterfall. The hike is very popular and requires a permit.

Donut Falls

Donut Falls, Utah

About: Donut Falls may sound like a delicious place to visit, but be forewarned that there is no donut shop. This is a popular place for visitors to come during the spring, summer, and fall months. Come during the winter to experience a frozen waterfall and much fewer crowds.

The falls pour into the roof of a cave and make for an unforgettable view. Many guests believe the shallow pool at the waterfall’s base resembles a bear’s paw. 

How to Get to the Falls: You’ll need to hike 3.5 miles round-trip to enjoy Donut Falls. This is a relatively easy hike and is open year-round. If you want to experience a winter wonderland, we recommend snowshoeing this hike during the winter.

Archangel Falls

Zion National Park

About: Archangel Falls is another gorgeous waterfall inside Zion National Park. While this waterfall may only be a few feet tall, it makes up for it in width.

The water has carved out a stair-like design in the thin rocks and shale along the river. Archangel Falls is one of the must-see waterfalls in Zion National Park, but only if you can handle the hike.

Rocks created a wide staircase with water flowing over them cover the ground beneath towering cliffs in Zion National Park.

How to Get to the Falls: The hike to Archangel Falls isn’t for just anybody. It’s a nine-mile hike with multiple creek crossings and requires climbing over large rocks and boulders.

The beginning and end are the most challenging parts of the trek as you climb down more than 500’ into the creek. Expect six to nine hours to complete this hike, and prepare to get your feet wet.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls, UT 

About: If you want to visit the tallest waterfall in Utah, Bridal Veil Falls is it. This 607’ beauty is one of the best places to visit in Utah.

You can see this waterfall any time of year, but many locals prefer to experience it during the winter months. There’s something magical and unexplainable about the beauty of a frozen waterfall.

You’ll want to spend all day watching the water cascade down and over the granite, mossy cliffs. It’s hard to take in 600+ feet of this inspiring waterfall but take your time. It’s a view you won’t want to forget! 

How to Get to the Falls: The hike to Bridal Veil Falls is approximately 1.4 miles, and it is an out-and-back trail. This is a very popular hike for hiking and walking, so don’t expect to have the path to yourself.

It typically takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes to complete the trek. Give yourself some time to enjoy the view and take plenty of pictures.

Cascade Falls

Cedar City, Utah

About: We love that Cascade Falls starts from a tiny crevice, which water pressure carved out of the cliffs over the years. The view of the water cascading down the rocks is an incredible sight!

The water tumbles nearly 30 feet to the pool below. Bright red stones provide the perfect backdrop for this majestic waterfall. 

How to Get to the Falls: The hike to Cascade Falls is less than a mile and is a very family-friendly hike. Cascade Falls is for you if you adventure with little ones or don’t want a daunting hike!

Fifth Water Hot Springs Falls

Diamond Fork Rd, Springville, UT

About: People aren’t flocking to Fifth Water Hot Springs Falls for the falls alone. Laying in one of these hot spring pools fed by a river is relaxing.

Visitors need to watch for snakes in the rocks as baby rattlesnakes are somewhat common here. The springs can get rather busy, so ensure you arrive early if you want to soak in the springs.

How to Get to the Falls: If you want to access these hot springs, you’ll need to take an approximately four-mile trail with a moderate rating. However, you’ll want to check with the United States Forest Service to ensure the trail and roads are open for public use.

Provo River Falls

Provo River Falls, Utah

About: If you want to spot multiple waterfalls, the Provo River has several. You can travel along the river and enjoy views of most of these falls from the road. A glacier feeds the river, so expect cooler temperatures if you find a spot to splash around in the water.

Many of these waterfalls are no more than three to five feet, but the Utah landscape makes them a site to see.

Provo River Falls thunders through the woods and over rocky terrain in Utah.

How to Get to the Falls: You can start in Uintas and follow it along Mirror Lake Highway or make the 23.9-mile hike to Mirror Lake. Being a 23.9-mile trail, it’s a slightly easy trail with very little elevation change.

Is it Worth Visiting Utah Waterfalls? 

Utah is an exciting and adventurous state with waterfalls waiting for you to explore. Trying to capture their beauty in a photograph can be challenging as they often don’t do them justice.

A part of enjoying these natural beauties is the adventure of getting there. We love a good hike that offers a natural reward at the end. If you visit Utah, see how many of these waterfalls you can check off during your travels!

Which waterfall would you like to visit first?

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