Stunning Vermont Waterfalls You Have to See to Believe

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A hiker stands on a boulder in the forest and looks out across a creek to Bingham Falls in Vermont.

A trip through Vermont is usually on everyone’s mind when autumn rolls around. Famous for its quaint Appalachian towns and stunning fall colors, it is a magnet for sightseers.

However, this New England state also has many waterfalls that bring locals and tourists out for a look and a dip in the spring and summer. Why not explore some of the most incredible Vermont waterfalls on your next visit?

How Many Waterfalls Does Vermont Have? 

There are 117 official waterfalls in the state of Vermont. Of those 117, nine waterfalls have a four-and-a-half-star or five-star rating in the “New England Waterfalls Guidebook.”

The editors have visited every waterfall they list in six New England states, so they can compare directly rather than rating them by readers’ subjective comments. We’re hoping highlighting these nine waterfalls will encourage you to put them on your list of places to see.

When Is the Best Season to Visit Vermont’s Waterfalls?

The best time to view any waterfall is when the most water feeds into it. In Vermont, that would be late spring or early summer, after snowmelt swells rivers and creeks.

That is when a torrent of white water can flow over rock walls, gorges, and drop-offs, giving viewers a spectacular show.

A frozen waterfall during winter in Vermont.

9 Breathtaking Vermont Waterfalls You Have to See 

We have compiled nine of the most stunning Vermont waterfalls. Once you visit them, you should see many of the other 117 falls scattered around Vermont, too. Let’s get started!

#1 Moss Glenn Falls

Location: Stowe, Vermont

Moss Glen Falls is the tallest waterfall in Vermont, cascading down a jagged rock face onto a boulder filled creek in the forest.
Moss Glen Falls

About: Sitting in the CC Putnam State Forest outside Stowe, Moss Glenn Falls is multifaceted. It is the tallest waterfall in the state and has a section that plunges, a horsetail cataract, and several sections fan out. It is beautiful when the water is at its highest.

Can You Swim? Because there are many levels to Moss Glenn Falls and boulders at the bottom, swimming is challenging.

Traveler’s Tip: We’ve got your Complete Guide to Visiting Moss Glenn Falls in Vermont.

#2 Bingham Falls

Location: Stowe, Vermont

Bingham Falls cascades over creating a cave behind the flume of water.
Bingham Falls

About: Bingham Falls sits in the Mount Mansfield State Forest near Stowe. Its water source is the West Branch of the Waterbury River, and the waterfall has an elegant 25-foot cascade into a deep basin. Some locals know Bingham as Grotto Falls for this reason.

Can You Swim? Swimming is excellent except when the water levels are moderate or high. They become very dangerous at that time.

#3 Lye Brook Falls

Location: Manchester, Vermont

Lye Brook Falls runs over thousands of small horizontal steps in the rock face.

About: In the Green Mountain National Forest, Lye Brook Falls is 125 feet tall with several drop-offs as it descends. It is a seasonal waterfall, so getting the full view requires a spring visit.

Can You Swim? You cannot swim here because it’s impossible!

#4 Texas Falls

Location: Hancock, Vermont

Texas waterfall in Vermont runs through a chute carved between boulders in the woods.

About: At 35 feet tall, Texas Falls looks more like a chute emerging from a rock. Texas Brook, which feeds the falls, is in the Green Mountain National Forest and affords a handicap-access viewing platform. The waterfall has a deep green punchbowl pool halfway down and is very photogenic.

Can You Swim? Swimming used to be extremely popular at Texas Falls, but with numerous injuries, officials banned swimming. They have fenced off the entire waterfall for that reason.

#5 Bartlett Falls

Location: Bristol, Vermont

About: Fed by the New Haven River, the town of Bristol owns Bartlett Falls. Many use it as a city swimming hole. The waterfall is a block fall with a 15-foot drop, but the pool at the base is 120 feet wide. The pool is perfect for an afternoon dip. Venture under and behind the falls for a view through them!

Can You Swim? Most definitely! About 500 people swim there on a busy day.

#6 Buttermilk Falls

Location: Ludlow, Vermont

About: With three falls, Buttermilk Falls has a three-tiered drop of 15 feet, 20 feet, and eight feet, with swimming pools at the bottom of each. Every drop is a horsetail that is most prominent with spring runoff. It is in the Okemo State Forest, and many know the upper portion as Bridal Veil Falls.

Can You Swim? Yes, swimming is standard here! The two upper pools are more prominent, but fewer people are in the lowest.

#7 Falls of Lana

Location: Salisbury, Vermont

About: In the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area outside of Salisbury, the Falls of Lana are fed by Sucker Creek and drop about 100 feet through a gorge. The resulting horsetail and cascade falls are breathtaking to see and photograph. They descend into a deep pool open to the sunlight.

Can You Swim? This is an excellent place to swim, as the water is cool with a gentle current.

#8 Thundering Brook Falls

Location: Killington, Vermont

About: Sitting on the Appalachian Trail outside Killington, Thundering Brook Falls has an apt name. In May and June, high water levels feed the falls, and you can hear them throughout the forest. It drops 125 feet, with one drop at 80 feet, and some know this natural feature as Bakers Falls.

Can You Swim? Swimming is not possible due to boulders

#9 Hamilton Falls

Location: Jamaica, Vermont

About: With a recreation area named after it, so Hamilton Falls must be a pretty big deal. The waters of Cobb Brook slice sideways through a rocky gorge for almost 125 feet. It breaks into small wading pools at the bottom.

Can You Swim? The pools at Hamilton Falls are more like children’s wading pools at the base so that kids might enjoy them more than adults. There is a massive pothole at the top, but no one can swim in it, as many have died there.

Discover Vermont’s Gorgeous Waterfalls 

Cascading water flumes always draw a crowd, but with so many Vermont waterfalls, you will find many tranquil refuges. Start with our list and discover some of the most impressive waterfalls as you explore Vermont.

Which waterfall will you visit first?

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