Shoot-the-Tube and Live Dangerously at This Locals Waterslide

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A silhoutte of a man walking down a ridged culvert tube below a road.

Where can you have something natural, artificial, and supernatural all in one spot? The answer is Shoot-the-Tube, near Tanner Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This highway watershed hideaway is the perfect destination for summer fun. Additionally, Parley’s Trail, an eight-mile paved bicycle and pedestrian trail, is nearby.

Let’s look at this local hangout, and you can decide if you’ll head to Utah’s secret adventure, Shoot-the-Tube!

What Does It Mean to Shoot-the-Tube? 

To ride Shoot-the-Tube, visitors first have to block the water flowing down the pipe. There are usually road signs lying around, or you can bring a tarp.

Once the water isn’t flowing down the drainpipe anymore, the pool slowly fills because of the homemade dam. When you pull down the barrier (either the road signs or tarp), the rush of water shoots you through the pipe for a dark ride to the bottom.

What Is Shoot-the-Tube in Utah?

From May through August, the water is usually flowing enough for visitors to enjoy Shoot-the-Tube. Utah sees moderate rainfall in March and snow melts in April. This produces plenty of water in late spring through the summer.

Locals discovered the Shoot-the-Tube drainage pipe and developed this fun summer destination. How creative they must have been to think of grabbing an inner tube and sliding down a highway watershed!

Traveler’s Tip: Head out of the city and explore Utah’s 7 Best Small Towns.

Where Is Shoot-the-Tube in Salt Lake? 

Located under the Interstate 215 eastbound route near Parley’s Canyon, Shoot-the-Tube is a drainage pipeline locals have turned into a summer hot spot. It’s near Tanner Park, a ten-acre park providing a playground, pavilion, and tennis courts for guests.

Parley’s Trail is accessible from the park, connecting Parley’s Canyon to the Jordan River. Parley’s Historic Nature Park is adjacent to Tanner Park and is famous for its BMX tracks and dog park.

Aerial view of Salt Lake City, Utah, and the surrounding mountains in the distance
Salt Lake City, Utah

How Do You Access the Tube? 

Just below the bike path bridge crossing Interstate 215, you’ll see a chain-link fence. Go through the hole in the fence and follow the trail to the upper pool of Shoot-the-Tube.

You’ll pass Suicide Rock on your way down, a fantastic place to stop and take a selfie in front of a graffiti-ladened natural spire. Once at the upper pool, you can ride the waters down the drainpipe that empties into the bottom of Tanner Park.

Is Shoot-the-Tube Utah Safe? 

It’s an exhilarating experience to Shoot-the-Tube. However, Utah hasn’t sanctioned Shoot-the-Tube, so you enjoy the fun knowing you do so at your own risk. You could get injured.

After all, it is just a drainpipe, and there are no lifeguards on duty. When the upper pool fills with water, the rush isn’t just adrenaline. Water is extremely powerful, so have fun but be cautious.

Inside a storm drain pipe that flows out into a rocky creek.

What Is There to Do Near Salt Lake City, Utah? 

Parley’s Trail is a popular eight-mile paved bicycle and pedestrian trail near Shoot-the-Tube. Utah is home to thousands of miles of hiking trails, and although many travelers come to the state’s “Mighty Five” National Parks, Salt Lake City is home to its own trail system.

Parley’s Trail connects the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to the Provo-Jordan River Parkway. The trail passes through Tanner Park on the east end, through Sugar House Park and Fairmont Park near the center, and runs parallel to the TRAX Green Line at the west end.

There’s a temporary on-street route for a few blocks from State Street to 300 West. At the west end of the trail, you’ll find construction that eventually leads the path to the Jordan River.

The beautiful scenery of Parley’s Historic Nature Park is also near Parley’s Trail and Shoot-the-Tube. The entrance is at 2740 South 2700 East in Salt Lake City. You can also park at Tanner Park and access the path at the east end of the parking lot to head to Parley’s Historic Nature Park.

There is a huge off-leash area, which is a sanctuary for dogs. Just pay attention to the signs to note where the leash area begins again. As you continue along the trail, there are historic sites like a sandstone aqueduct and an underground wine cellar.

Is Shoot-the-Tube in Utah Worth It?

If you’re into adventure and are willing to take risks, Shoot-the-Tube may be the perfect hang-out spot. Mostly known to locals, high schoolers, and others may join you, looking for a fun time to escape the summer heat in Salt Lake City.

If living dangerously isn’t your thing, you might want to skip this one. Maybe a trip to a nearby water park is more your style.

What do you think? Are you feeling adventurous, or do you fear danger lurking in a drainpipe of flowing water?

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