The Legend Behind the Jersey Devil

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No matter where we travel, we often discover eerie local legends. The mysterious Jersey Devil is a prime example.

Generation after generation has passed down chilling stories regarding its existence. These bone-chilling accounts will send shivers down your spine. But are they true?

Today, we’ll navigate the murky waters and help uncover the truth. Grab your security blanket, turn on every light in your house, and let’s dive into this creepy tale.

What Is the Jersey Devil?

The Jersey Devil is a creature that some believe lurks in dense forests found in New Jersey. Locals often call it the Leeds Devil. Many accounts focus on a section of woods in the Pine Barrens region in the south-central portion of the state.

The creature retreats to the safety of wetland areas during the day. It emerges from hiding once the sun sets and darkness overtakes the region. It then scares anyone it meets as it explores the forests.

A forest at dusk with fog.

What Does the Jersey Devil Look Like?

Unfortunately, there are no pictures or video evidence of the Jersey Devil. Personal accounts claim that it has the head and hooves of a horse.

In addition, its two front legs are short, and it has wings like a bat.

There’s debate amongst believers regarding its exact height. Some state it is three to four feet tall, while others believe it to be around six feet tall.

If you’ve spotted it while adventuring in New Jersey, let us know your thoughts.

While its height may be up for debate, most agree that it has glowing red eyes and is incredibly ugly. Many find themselves terrified by its physical appearance. Fear grows when it opens its mouth and releases one of its loud screeches.

A painting of the Jersey Devil sitting with scared people all around him.

History of the Jersey Devil

The story of the Jersey Devil dates back to 1735. During a rather dark and stormy night, a mother was giving birth to her thirteenth child.

The woman, known as Mother Leeds, supposedly wanted the baby to be the devil. Whether while exiting the womb or shortly after birth, the baby morphed into a demonic creature.

The baby ended up with its hooves, wings, and a tail that many report seeing during encounters with the beast. Shortly after its birth, the baby flew up the chimney and disappeared. For some, this was the night that the Jersey Devil was born.

Another typical story is that a young woman had fallen in love with a British soldier. Unfortunately, she met her dream man during the Revolutionary War. As a result, the town cursed her, resulting in her giving birth to the Jersey Devil.

We’re unsure which story is true, but both paint a haunting picture. We’ll let you decide which you believe most.

Other Famous Scary Creatures

The Jersey Devil may haunt the wetlands and forests of southern New Jersey, but it’s not alone. There are other stories of mythical creatures roaming just about everywhere. Let’s look at some others that may keep you up at night.

Bunny Man

The Bunny Man lives a couple of states away from the Jersey Devil. It intrigues and frightens residents of Fairfax County, Virginia.

Instead of a mythical creature, it’s a mysterious individual in a bunny costume. Unfortunately, it carries a hatchet and terrorizes locals instead of delivering eggs and chocolates.

The first accounts of the Bunny Man began during the early 20th century. With the availability of such costumes and some chilling true crime stories, the authenticity of these stories remains to be determined.

Does the bunny man exist? Is it just a product of someone’s imagination? We may never know!


The next haunting tale requires us to take a trip to Cajun country. Lurking in the shadows of the Louisiana swamplands lives the Rougarou. The moss-laden trees and murky bayous provide the perfect setting for a spooky tale.

The Rougarou is a werewolf-like monster. It’s a hybrid between a man and a wolf that preys on anyone or anything who strays away from their home.

Many believe it possesses superhuman strength and speed that mortals can’t compete with. To make things worse, they think it has an appetite for human flesh.

Is the Rougarou simply a matter of folklore and a myth? It depends on who you ask. However, we know we will be alert during our next trip to Louisiana. You can never be too safe!


If you live in the Midwest and think you’re exempt from creatures like the Jersey Devil, we’ve got some bad news for you.

Grassman is a cryptid that roams throughout the forest and hills of Ohio. Locals say it thrives in remote areas and dense woodlands throughout the Buckeye State.

Some refer to it as the Ohio Grassman or the Orange Eyes. Most agree it’s a towering figure with an ape-like appearance and shaggy hair. It evades human contact and leaves minimal traces of its existence.

It often gets compared to other cryptids like Bigfoot and Sasquatch. Like most of these creatures, you’ll have a generous amount of skeptics and some devout believers. No matter where you fall in the debate, there’s plenty of intrigue and speculation on both sides.


While some of the other cryptids we’ve shared, such as the Jersey Devil, are specific to a state or region, the Goatman’s reputation is broader. This beast has had sightings in Maryland, Kentucky, and Texas.

This humanoid figure has a goat-like head and combines human and animal features. Most sightings occur in remote areas or near abandoned buildings, bridges, and other structures.

Some believe the Goatman results from a bad science experiment on goats. Some think it’s an evil spirit seeking retribution for past mistakes.

With such widespread reports of sightings, you never know where the Goatman could appear next. Is he hiding in a forest near you?

Oklahoma Octopus

Swimming quietly in the lakes and waterways of Oklahoma is a cephalopod known as the Oklahoma Octopus. It’s supposedly a massive creature with multiple tentacles capable of snatching swimmers and fishermen.

Some believe it’s responsible for drownings and other mysterious disappearances in waters throughout the Sooner State.

This local folklore is enough to keep some swimmers out of the water. As with the rest of the legends on our list, there’s a healthy dose of skepticism. Will the possibility of encountering powerful tentacles keep you safely on shore? 

Say Your Prayers Against the Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil and many others we’ve shared are fascinating creatures. The mystery surrounding them is enough to generate a buzz of excitement. While they’re hard to prove, they’re often challenging to disprove.

So, say your prayers against the Jersey Devil and other mythical creatures, and be alert. You never know what’s waiting out there for you.

Have you ever spotted any of these mythical creatures?

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