The Real Story Behind “The Conjuring” Took Place in This Town

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Female ghost walking through a room in The Conjuring house

“The Conjuring” is one of the most spine-chilling horror films in modern cinema. It tells the story of two of the world’s most legendary paranormal investigators and their experiences at a farmhouse in the 1970s. Many have seen “The Conjuring,” but few know the terrifying events that inspired it in the actual town of Harrisville, Rhode Island.

Today, we’re exploring this hair-raising destination and how lovers of scares can experience it for themselves. Let’s get started!

What Is Harrisville, Rhode Island, Known for?

Harrisville, Rhode Island, is a small community within the town of Burrillville in the north-central part of the state. Fewer than 2,000 residents call Harrisville home. Once a thriving milling and farming community, people best know the area today for its historic district and the infamous events of “The Conjuring.”

What Is “The Conjuring?”

The Conjuring” is a supernatural horror film from 2013 with an extensive “universe” of associated movies. The original tells the story of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who are called in by a family experiencing strange events in a farmhouse in Harrisville, Rhode Island. 

Haunted "The Conjuring" home in Harrisville, Rhode Island

Where Is the House in “The Conjuring?”

The home is in the community of Harrisville, Rhode Island, part of the larger town of Burrillville. Harrisville is under 25 miles north of the state’s largest city, Providence, and about 60 miles southwest of Boston, Mass. The hiss address is 1677 Round Top Road (also Route 96), a few hundred feet from the Massachusetts border. 

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Paranormal Activity in “The Conjuring” House

This home may appear humble, but it’s been the site of some terrifying reports of paranormal and unexplainable activity. It’s part of a long history that stretches two centuries.


The property’s evil origins start with one of its early occupants, Bathsheba Sherman. While the name will be familiar to those who’ve seen “The Conjuring,” she was a real person who lived in the area in the early 19th century. Sherman reputedly had involvement with the mysterious deaths of several children, events that led to people labeling her as a witch or demon.

According to legend, she cursed the land and any future occupants before taking her own life. While there’s some dispute over the historical accuracy of certain aspects of her story, she is almost always a prominent figure in stories of hauntings at the home. 

The Perron Family

Fast forward more than a century to find the next most well-known home occupants, the Perron family. The parents and their five daughters moved there in early 1971 and immediately began encountering strange and menacing phenomena. Objects moved around, or people would see things or feel a presence.

As these events became gradually more threatening, they reached out to Ed and Lorraine Warren, who had reputations as experienced investigators and demonologists. The Perrons lived in the home for about a decade before selling it. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren Seance

The most infamous events in “The Conjuring” house were during Ed and Lorraine Warren’s multiple investigations into the property. Among these was a seance where the Warrens attempted to communicate with spirits they believed were haunting the home.

According to some accounts, the mother of the family, Carolyn Perron, became possessed, spoke in tongues, and levitated. However, the Warrens dispute they performed any exorcism.

Ghosts inside haunted home

Can You Visit “The Conjuring” House in Harrisville, Rhode Island?

Lovers of the film and would-be paranormal investigators will be thrilled to learn that you can experience the house in various ways. For the scaredy-cats among us, day tours are $25 per person, offering a guided one-hour look at the home. Extended tours introduce ghost-hunting equipment for an additional $15 per person. 

Do you want to dip your toes into paranormal investigating? The home offers 5-hour “GHO” events for $100 per person. This nighttime guided experience will show participants how to use ghost-hunting equipment and conduct tests for the presence of spirits. 

The most experienced paranormal enthusiasts can book the Harrisville, Rhode Island home for a night of investigations and exploration. At $960-$1,280 for six to eight guests, it’s not cheap, and you’ll need to bring your ghost-hunting equipment.

However, spending the night allows exclusive access to the home and land from 7 pm to 8 am. You’re even welcome to bring snacks and sleeping bags if you dare to close your eyes inside! 

Are You Brave Enough to Visit Harrisville, Rhode Island?

The so-called “Conjuring” house in Harrisville, Rhode Island, has been infamous in ghost-hunting and paranormal circles for decades. However, there’s no doubt the success of the 2013 film exposed a vast new audience to the scary real-life history of this humble property.

So whether you believe in ghosts, spirits, or the supernatural, the house is worth a visit for lovers of history, film, or a good scare. Who knows? You might even end up the subject of the house’s next movie!

What are your favorite scary stories or movies with historical inspiration? Tell us in the comments!

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