Do You Have What It Takes to Visit the Haunted Glastenbury Mountain?

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When driving through Vermont, you might want to know about the haunted Glastenbury Mountain. One of Vermont’s several ghost towns, Glastenbury, has been the center of mysterious stories since its founding.

But what makes Glastenbury Mountain so chilling, and should you add it to your New England road trip? Let’s find out!

Where Is Glastenbury Mountain? 

Glastenbury Mountain is close to the New York border, outside Bennington, VT. Sitting within Green Mountain National Forest, the town of Glastenbury was unincorporated in 1937 and is now part of Bennington County. 

Why Is Glastenbury Mountain Thought to Be Haunted? 

To understand why people think Glastenbury Mountain has ghosts, you must learn its history. Glastenbury was a bustling town of 241 people in the late 1800s.

It had a school, post office, blacksmith shop, sawmill, store, and even boarding houses for the workers. People knew it mainly for its charcoal and logging railroad operations, and lumber was a significant source of income for many in the town. 

However, It wasn’t long before Glastenbury began experiencing mysterious incidents. Only two years into the founding of the town, two people went missing.

Dive into the history behind the legends surrounding Glastenbury.

Then, after officials tried to turn Glastenbury into a tourist destination in 1898, a massive flood destroyed the only railroad. This ended any chance of rebuilding the town. 

Although Glastenbury was no longer a town, strange occurrences continued decades later. There were many disappearances throughout the 1940s and 1950s, including a hunting and fishing guide, Middle Rivers; college student Paula Weldon; an 8-year-old boy; and a 53-year-old woman.

Moreover, the local Abenaki tribe refused to hunt on the mountain, saying it had a “dark presence.” There are also various legends about the area, some involving a “man-eating” rock, bigfoot sightings, and an interdimensional gateway. Others rationalize the strange disappearances with theories of sinkholes and hidden wells.

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Can You Drive to Glastenbury Mountain?

You can’t drive to the top of Glastenbury Mountain. However, you can go to one of the trailheads of its most popular trail. Long Trail is part of the Appalachian Trail, and probably why it’s so popular.

Are There Hiking Trails on Glastenbury Mountain?

Long Trail summits Glastenbury Mountain, and it can also connect you with other trails in the area. You can access this trail via the Stratton Mountain trailhead off Kinderbrook Road in Stratton, VT, or the LT/AT Trailhead on Route 9.

Using the Stratton Trailhead, you should prepare for a challenging but beautiful two-night backpacking hike. The Long Trailhead off Route 9 will likely be a tough day hike or a one-night backpacking hike.

Join two hikers are they film and explore the trails around Glastenbury Mountain.

Do People Live in Glastenbury Today?

According to the 2020 census, nine people are living in Glastenbury today. This is down from 16 people during the 2000 census, comprising six households and four families. This area hasn’t gotten easier to live in, and the dwindling population reflects that. 

Other Ghost Towns in Vermont

Did you know that Vermont has other ghost towns besides Glastenbury Mountain? Let’s look at a few more creepy destinations you can add to your New England road trip. 


Lewiston Ghost Town is in Windsor County, VT, and is the former village of Norwich. Its namesake is Dr. Joseph Lewis, an early inhabitant of the town.

Dating to 1765, Lewiston was once a critical trading center for coal. It had general stores, a train station, mills, boarding houses, and various businesses.

Unfortunately for Lewiston, the popularity of oil began to rise, reducing the importance of coal in the area; and by 1930, it had slowly become one of Vermont’s lost towns. Dartmouth College still owns the railroad station and several town structures.

A shabby old shingle barn with moss growing on it abandoned in the forest.

Plymouth Five Corners

Plymouth Five Corners is south of Bridgewater, VT. It dated 1787 as the small farming village of Saltash and was a short-lived hub for gold miners.

Nearly every resident was a small farmer until 1858 when William Henderson found gold in the streams throughout the town. This discovery created the Vermont Gold Rush, which turned Plymouth Five Corners into the home of Plymouth Gold Mining Company. There was also a quartz mill, sawmill, schoolhouse, boarding house, post office, general store, saloons, and hotels.

However, there wasn’t much gold in the area. It wasn’t long before most of the town’s inhabitants moved away. Now, Plymouth Five Corners is one of Vermont’s most famous ghost towns. 

Ricker Basin

Ricker Basin was a bustling lumber town near Waterbury, VT. However, it only has one abandoned house with several other structural remains. Ricker Basin began in the mid-1800s as a farming town, but the lumber industry quickly moved in due to the heavy tree presence in the area.

As Ricker Basin grew, it became home to three sawmills, a railroad station, general stores, a church, a schoolhouse, and a population of several hundred residents. Unfortunately, heavy floods in 1927 and 1934 destroyed many businesses and houses, forcing many people to move elsewhere. 

A pile of recently logged trees pile near the edge of a forest.


Somerset Ghost Town is in Windham County, nestled within Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest. In 1790, it was a popular spot for lumber and trading.

At its peak, Somerset had several successful businesses, mills, and over three hundred residents. Nevertheless, there weren’t enough resources or demand for the town to thrive, and the population slowly declined until the county unincorporated the village in 1937. 

Do You Have What It Takes to Visit the Haunted Glastenbury Mountain?

Glastenbury is one of Vermont’s creepiest ghost towns, primarily because of its strange and unfortunate history, urban legends, and a string of missing person cases.

Luckily, you can still visit the mysterious town of Glastenbury and see for yourself if the stories are true. However, you’ll have to go for a bit of a hike.

So, would you dare to walk the trails of Glastenbury Mountain? Let us know in the comments below.

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