The Absolute Best Glamping Getaways in Utah

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A luxurious glamping tent at Under Canvas in Utah.

Glamping in Utah? This seems like a good time for that emoji with the two big eyes. You may not envision Utah first when considering an adventurous place to glamp, but you might just be surprised at what the state offers.

You’ll never know until you go. Just start with a little research beforehand. Read on to look at seven of the best glamping getaways in Utah.

What Is Glamping?

Give glamping a try if you love nature and your A/C unit. Glamorous camping allows you to enjoy the beauty and wonder of the great outdoors without compromising on the creature comforts you love most. 

Now, you’ll find varying degrees of glamping. You may feel super comfortable in a small camper with running water and call that glamping.

Or, you could also have a 40’ RV with a 60” high definition television, two king-size beds, a full kitchen, and a bathroom. Sometimes it can look like staying in a stylish canvas tent with a king-size bed. Glamping in Utah also has a spectrum. 

Two woven outdoor chairs with blankets and pillows situated by an elevated firepit.

Why You Should Take a Getaway to Utah

If you’re not well-versed in camping, you may have overlooked the excellence of Utah. It is a magical state when looking to experience the beauty and wonder of nature. 

You can explore dinosaur fossils, go white water rafting, or hike through narrow red rock canyons. Make sure to visit Monument Valley and the Bonneville Salt Flats too. 

If you love snow, skiing is a prevalent pastime in Utah. There’s even a ski-in whiskey distillery and saloon in Park City. Utah also has five huge national parks to explore. And the beauty of the scenic drive you’ll take to find your favorite glamping spot will start your trip off right. 

Traveler’s Tip: If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, check out the 7 best small towns in Utah.

Where Do You Go Glamping in Utah?

Where you glamp has everything to do with your equipment at your disposal. If you have a self-sufficient rig, you can camp in more remote and diverse areas across the state. Otherwise, you might want to look for a spot in one of the numerous state parks. Glamping resorts pepper the state. 

Your experience depends on which region of Utah you choose for your adventure. So research the areas thoroughly. For instance, northern Utah offers the Dinosaur National Monument and the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. 

In southern Utah, you can explore the Grand Staircase Escalante National Park, Glen Canyon and Lake Powell, and Moab. If you dig into those hotspots, you’ll quickly see that each region offers a different landscape to explore. 

A field of colorful wildflowers in Utah with a mountain scape in the background.

The 7 Best Glamping Getaways in Utah

Take this opportunity to gain a little direction in your search for adventure. Check out a brief list of a few of Utah’s best spots to glamp. 

1. Zion Ponderosa Ranch

Address: Twin Knolls Rd, Orderville, UT 84758

Rates: The rates for the Zion Ponderosa Ranch heavily depend on what type of camping you want to do. You could pay anywhere from $40/night to set up a tent (which isn’t glamping), or you could rent a cabin or even a conestoga-covered wagon for around $200-$250 a night. 

About: This place is a great place to go if you want to stay busy every day. If you have teenagers, you won’t have trouble keeping them occupied.

The ranch offers cool camping experiences like the covered wagons and cowboy cabins. But it also has a long list of activities to get your hands dirty and your senses soaring.

Canyoneering, horseback riding, hiking, a climbing wall, bungee trampoline, paintball, and ziplining are just a few of your options for activities. 

Friends sitting on logs, drinking and singing out in nature together.

2. Conestoga Ranch at Bear Lake

Address: 427 Paradise Pkwy, Garden City, UT 84028

Rates: Conestoga Ranch at Bear Lake also has various glamping options. The rates range from around $200 per night up to around $650 per night.

They have upscale tent camping, covered wagons, and some super deluxe tents you won’t believe. 

About: Conestoga Ranch is a whole glamping resort. They have everything you need to enjoy the breathtaking scenery Utah offers. Try hiking, horseback riding, lake activities, yoga, or explore caves and fossils.

And they even host weddings. The resort also offers campfire valet service, so you don’t have to chop the wood or maintain the fire. They also bring s’more kits.

They also have bathhouses, a restaurant, a general store, a laundry, a game tent, linen services, and massages. This is truly luxurious glamping.

3. Under Canvas in Moab

Address: 13784 US-191, Moab, UT 84532

Rates: Anywhere from $300-$700 per night will get you one of the amazing tents offered at this location. It may seem steep, but you’ll understand when you get there. 

About: You’ll rarely see a night sky like the one at the Under Canvas site in Moab. It’s truly a gem of a spot. These immaculate tents have hardwood floors, king-size beds, and private baths.

Some even have skylights above the bed for stargazing. You’ll camp at the gateway to the beautiful Arches National Park. When you book your stay, you can choose your adventures.

They offer hiking, canyoneering, the Arches Discovery Tour, rafting down the Colorado River, and much more. 

A canvas luxury tent under the night sky in Moab, Utah.

4. Capitol Reef Resort

Address: 2600 UT-24, Torrey, UT 84775

Rates: This resort provides glamping on your terms. Because you can choose from many different packages and adventure offers, stating a price is simply irresponsible. You’ll have to visit their site and enter the specifics of your journey to get a feel for what it might cost. 

About: The diversity of the experience is something to covet when considering this location.

There’s a pool, a dining hall, flat-screen TVs, and tons of opportunities to try something new when you stay at the Capitol Reef Resort in Utah.

You can ride a llama, go horseback riding, explore the landscape by Jeep, and more. Best of all, you can stay in a teepee. 

5. Boulder Mountain Guest Ranch

Address: 3995 Hells Backbone Rd, Boulder, UT 84716

Rates: You’ll spend anywhere from $75 to $300 per night, depending on the type of glamping you choose. 

About: Find serenity while glamping in Utah at Bouldern Mountain Guest Ranch, nestled in the Dixie National Forest. This place has teepees too. They also offer cowboy tents and cabins.

Amenities include electric blankets for those cold desert nights, a concierge, and fireplaces or fire pits. Go bird watching, take nature strolls, or try hiking.

And you can visit a few local attractions and go shopping to keep you busy. 

6. The Domes at Canyonlands

Address: N Crk Ln, Monticello, UT 84535

Rates: Domes vary by the renter, but you can plan for around $150-$190 per night. 

About: The Domes at Canyonlands has geodesic glamping domes, and you won’t have any trouble getting comfortable inside.

You can rent your own tent space using Airbnb, and it’s good to keep in mind that this is not a resort.

You’re pretty much on your own for exploration. But you’ll have no shortage of things to explore in the area. 

7. Angels Landing A-Frame

Address: Springdale, UT

Rates: This spot runs around $400 a night, but the prices shift seasonally. 

About: Another hotspot on Airbnb, the Angels Landing A-Frame, looks pretty snazzy. If it’s just you and your special someone, this spot is perfect.

The view of the mountains and the secluded location makes for a perfect romantic glamping adventure in the Utah countryside.

You can stay near the iconic Angels Landing. This 1,488-ft tall rock formation in Zion National Park in southwestern Utah provides great hiking and pictures.

Why Go Glamping in Utah?

Why go glamping in Utah? The answer is simple — a diverse experience. The natural playground offered by the various landscapes of Utah is unlike any other in the country. 

Experience unique camping with that special someone or with the whole family. No matter the demographic of your travel party, you’ll find amazing things to explore.

Choose a covered wagon and remember the state’s pioneer heritage. Or try stylish and modern geometric domes. And our list is just a few of the numerous glamping options in Utah.

Now that you’ve seen some viable options for places to stay, pack your bags and get ready to have your eyes delighted.

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