5 Things to Do in the Quirky Town of Garberville, CA

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Bigfoot takes a road trip and gives the peace sign out a car window.

Visitors to northwestern California know it for its stunning Redwoods. Redwood National Park is not the only home to the tallest trees on Earth. These towering trunks extend down the coast and through the small town of Garberville, CA.

Although it might not be a place you’re heard of before, Garberville worth a quick stopover if you’re visiting California’s National Parks. You won’t find busy travelers or traffic jams, but you might find the legendary Bigfoot! Let’s look at five things to do in this quirky northwestern California town.

What Is Garberville, CA, Known for?

Located in Humboldt County in northwest California, Garberville sits along Highway 101 south of Humboldt Redwoods State Park. It’s an easy 45-minute drive down Briceland Road to the coast at Shelter Cove, CA. Eureka, the county seat, is an hour’s drive north.

The first post office was built in 1874, and the postmaster, Jacob Garber, named the town after himself. Today around 1,000 residents call Garberville, CA home.

About ten years ago, BBC News named Garberville “the marijuana heartland of the US” due to the ample marijuana cultivation here. There’s even a Cannabis College.

Another interesting fact is the founder of Rad Power Bikes, an electric bike company, was born and raised in Garberville, CA.

Traveler’s Tip: Stay for a long low-key weekend that will leave you refreshed and rejuvenated at Orr Hot Springs — clothing is optional at this resort!

5 Things to Do in Garberville, CA

Although Garberville, CA, only covers less than three square miles of land, there are some fun things to do during your visit, and they don’t have anything to do with marijuana or electric bikes. Instead, you can enjoy the great outdoors at numerous locations and shop while you’re in town.

#1. Hunt for Bigfoot

On Saturday, January 23, 2021, between Benbow Inn and Richardson Grove just south of Garberville, CA, Rick Bates reported an encounter with Bigfoot to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

He explains that as he was driving south on Highway 101, “I saw a figure on the southbound shoulder of the highway…The figure was laying on the shoulder of the road on its right side. I estimated the height to be about 7’. I was looking at the creature’s back and noticed it had broad shoulders and was thick torso shape. While the shape similar to a human it was not human. It was not a bear either.”

The Legend of Bigfoot souvenir stand sits on Highway 101 in Garberville. There’s a giant wooden statue of Bigfoot to greet passersby. Many people stop to take photos with the carving, and there are more Bigfoot items available for purchase. If you’re on the hunt for Bigfoot, Garberville, CA, is a place you certainly want to visit.

#2. Visit the Redwoods At Richardson Grove State Park

Address: 1600 US-101, Garberville, CA 95542

Richardson Grove State Park began with 120 acres in 1922. Since then, it’s grown to 1,800 acres.

Visitors can enjoy swimming and fishing in the river or hiking the nine miles of trails that run through the park. Pack a picnic and enjoy spending the day at Richardson Grove State Park, only seven miles south of Garberville, CA.

#3. See the Famous One-Log House

Address: 705 US-101, Garberville, CA 95542

Nestled among the old Redwoods is the One-Log House, Cafe, Gift Shop, and Dispensary. Workers built the house in 1946 out of a 2,100-year-old Redwood. For eight months, workers hollowed the tree to form a seven-foot-tall and 32-foot long room.

The owners toured this famous house throughout the United States until they found its final resting place in Garberville, CA. While you’re there, check out the sandwiches and wraps at the cafe or pick up local Humboldt honey from the gift shop.

#4. Take a Stroll At Tooby Memorial Park

Address: 934 Sprowl Creek Rd, Garberville, CA 95542

If you’re looking for a family-friendly outing, pack a picnic and head to Tooby Memorial Park. With beach access to the Eel River and a fenced playground, the kids will have a blast for hours here.

The park also backs up to a Redwood grove, providing beautiful scenery. It’s a short 13-minute drive north of Richardson Grove State Park and the One-Log House.

#5. Shop for Gifts At Blue Moon

Address: 772 Redwood Dr, Garberville, CA 95542

Blue Moon has unique items you didn’t know you needed. It’s one of those specialty stores where you can go home with a fun holiday gift for everyone on your list.

Shelves and buckets line the walls, full of items like lava lamps, scented pillows, stuffed animals, games, and more. Blue Moon is the oldest gift shop in Humboldt County, providing fun products for residents since 1978.

Experience Crunchy California in Garberville

There are also several places to eat in Garberville, CA. Stop in Calico’s Deli & Pasta on Redwood Drive or Amillia’s on Melville Road and support local restaurants.

Check into the Best Western Plus Humboldt House Inn or the Benbow Historic Inn for a couple of nights. You can relax while enjoying all that Garberville has to offer. Then you can head out to visit the next National Park or big city on your road trip list.

Will you be making your way to Garberville, CA, soon?

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