Did You Know These Famous People Are From Maine?

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Many fondly think of Maine as a natural wonder, with rocky beaches, lighthouses, dense forests, and quaint New England towns. But visiting Maine on vacation is different than growing up there. Look at the famous people from Maine who speak highly of their home state. Many no longer live there as their careers took them elsewhere, but each seems to treasure their Mainer experience.

Do you know any of these celebrities from Pine Tree State? Let’s find out! 

Are There Famous People From Maine? 

The population of Maine is 1.3 million, smaller than the population of Manhattan. However, the state seems to produce its fair share of famous people.

Many of the subjects on our list have reached the pinnacle of their respective professions, and most people know them for their intelligence and wit. Their successes may speak highly of the state where they grew up as independent, hard-working Mainers.

Boats in the harbor at sunset in Portland, Maine.
Portland, ME

Traveler’s Tip: Did you know these popular movies were filmed in Maine?

Who Is the Most Famous Actor From Maine? 

There may be a tie for the most famous actor from Maine. The connection would most likely be between Anna Kendrick and Patrick Dempsey. Both are excellent actors with many accolades for their performances, but they work in different film and television genres. 

Did You Know These Famous People Are From Maine?

There is no capital ME on their foreheads, so it can be challenging to discover which celebrities were born in Maine. So we did the hard work for you and listed ten of the most famous people from Maine. If you find more, let us know!

Patrick Dempsey

Patrick Dempsey on life in Maine and Clown College

Patrick Dempsey was born in Lewiston and raised in Turner and Buckfield. People best know him for his role as Derek Shepard in television’s “Grey’s Anatomy.” He also had leading roles in films, from “Enchanted” to “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Mainers may know that Dempsey had a keen interest in magic tricks before acting, as he was the national champion in juggling. He no longer lives in Maine but often returns to Lewiston and has done charity work there.

Linda Lavin

Linda Lavin speaks on how ahead of its time her show “Alice” was.

People best know Linda Lavin for her television comedy series, “Alice.” Linda Lavin began life in Portland, Maine. She attended Waynflete School, then left her home state to go to college at William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Lavin has a vast resume of Broadway hits and television shows like “Law and Order,” “Madame Secretary,” and “B Positive.” She won a Tony Award, two Obies, two Golden Globes, and an Emmy Award. She currently resides in New York City.

Stephen King

A look outside Stephen King’s house in Bangor, Maine.

Born in Portland and residing in Bangor, Stephen King is most likely the most popular Mainer on our list. As a well-established horror and suspense writer, King wrote books like “Carrie,” “The Green Mile,” “The Shining,” and “Cujo,” all of which have movie adaptations. He attended the University of Maine and is an avid philanthropist to Bangor.

Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick’s early life before her Hollywood debut.

Born in Portland, Anna Kendrick began auditioning for children’s roles in New York City. She soon graduated to films like the “Twilight” series and the “Perfect Pitch” movies.

She is the youngest actress nominated for an Academy Award, an Emmy, and a Tony Award, although she did not win any. However, she has walked away with three MTV Movie Awards and five Teen Choice Awards. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

Nelson Rockefeller

Rockefeller ran three times for U.S. presidency.

Born in Bar Harbor, Nelson Rockefeller did not stay around Maine long. He had to establish residency in New York State before becoming governor, which he did in 1959.

He remained in office for 14 years. Rockefeller became Gerald Ford’s Vice President from 1974 through 1977, passing away two years after leaving office.

Henry Longfellow

The National Park Service preserves the home of Henry W. Longfellow, one of the world’s foremost 19th century poets, as a National Historic Site.

Born in Portland, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow is famous for his poetry, including “The Song of Hiawatha” and “Paul Revere’s Ride.” He remained in Maine throughout college, attending the university his grandfather had founded, Bowdoin.

He eventually became a professor there. Longfellow moved to Massachusetts, accepting a teaching position at Harvard.

Katie Aselton

Katie Aselton talks about her love for Regis.

Born in Milbridge, Katie Aselton was once “Miss Maine Teenage USA.” She left Maine to attend Boston University.

She now has a thriving career as a television actress, with starring roles in “The Office,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “The League.” Her current residence is in the Los Angeles area.

Tim Sylvia

The two-time UFC heavyweight champ now lives in Iowa.

From Ellsworth, Maine, Tim Sylvia started karate lessons as a kid, then graduated to wrestling in high school. He has since garnered a career in mixed martial arts and wrestling, becoming a two-time UFC heavyweight champion. He’s retired in Iowa and acts as a police officer once a month in Illinois.

Bill Swift

Bill Swift opens up about his favorite highlights throughout his career.

A silver medal winner on the 1984 US Men’s Baseball team, Bill Swift was born in Portland, Maine, and stayed in the state through college, attending the University of Maine.

The Seattle Mariners drafted him. After playing for them, he moved to San Francisco. Eventually, Swift moved to Arizona, where he coached at Arizona Christian University.

Judd Nelson

A look at the acting career of Judd Nelson

Born in Portland, Judd Nelson studied at the Waynflete School before moving to Pennsylvania to attend college at Haverford for two years. His next move was to Manhattan to study acting. He became one of the “Brat Pack” from the movie “St. Elmo’s Fire.”

Nelson spent his forty-year career making movies like “The Breakfast Club” “Billionaire Boys Club,” and working in the “Transformers” franchise. He also starred in dozens of television shows.

Do Famous People From Maine Still Live in the State?

Not all famous people from Maine still reside in the state. However, from their loving portrayals of home, it is easy to imagine that most would go back if they could. In the meantime, the rest of us can visit this beautiful state, harboring a bit of jealousy that we, too, weren’t born a Mainer!

Are there any other famous people from Maine you would add to the list? Let us know!

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