7 Best Things to Do in Dickinson, TX

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To say that Texas is large is an understatement. Being such a massive state, it can be tough to know where to consider visiting. Because it can take more than 12 hours without stopping to drive across the state, you have to focus on a specific region for your visit.

One of the areas we suggest you consider is the Dickinson, TX, area. Let’s learn a bit more about Dickinson and see if it’s worth putting on your travel itinerary. 

Where Is Dickinson, TX? 

The town of Dickinson is in far southeast Texas, not far from the Gulf of Mexico. Dickinson is about halfway between Houston and Galveston. Those in Dickinson can reach Houston in about 35 minutes and Galveston in 30 minutes. 

How Far Is Dickinson, TX, From the Beach? 

The closest beach to Dickinson, TX, is Galveston Beach. Galveston Beach is around 25 minutes from Dickinson. Those in Dickinson can make their way to the beach by traveling south on I-45 and crossing the Galveston Causeway Bridge to Galveston Island, which is home to Galveston Beach. 

7 Best Things to Do in Dickinson, TX

Those considering a trip to Dickinson, TX, might be wondering if there’s enough there to keep them busy. Thankfully, the town has some great places to check out! Here are a few of our top recommendations for Dickinson.  

1. Bay Area Raceway

If you’re looking for some fun, check out Bay Area Raceway. Here, you’ll have a chance to do some go-cart driving, which can be a great way for the family to have a friendly competition.

You can also spend some time at the arcade or play a bit of laser tag. The laser tag facility is more than 4,000 sq ft, giving you plenty of space to stretch your legs and have fun battling each other. 

A red haired girl riding a blue go cart at a raceway

2. Historical Railroad Center

You don’t need to be knowledgeable in all things trains to enjoy the Historical Railroad Center. This museum offers a comprehensive look at the history of Dickinson as a whole and the railroad depot.

Visitors can tour the museum to see what life was like for those there at the town’s start. You’ll better understand how the railroad played a part in the town’s development. Additionally, you can see historical artifacts such as old street signs and vintage maps from the town. 

3. Kemah Boardwalk 

The Kemah Boardwalk has it all! Those visiting the Kemah Boardwalk in Dickinson, TX, will have a blast exploring the amusement rides, great dining options, and shopping. Children and adults alike will have fun strolling the boardwalk and riding the Ferris wheel, roller coasters, and other midway-type rides.

If you feel hungry, there are plenty of food options to consider. You’ll find everything from sit-down restaurants to quick fair food. 

The Aviator amusement ride at Kemah Boardwalk in Dickinson, TX.

4. Marais

If you’ve worked up quite the appetite, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to snag a table at Marais. Marais provides delicious Cajun food that will have you planning a second visit before you even finish your meal. This is an excellent place for a nice date night out or a special family dinner. Some of the dishes you can expect include Cajun grits, short ribs, and Orleans Florentine seafood pasta. 

5. Butler Long Horn Museum

The Butler Longhorn Museum in Dickinson, TX, gives you a real taste of the Texas way of life, including Texas Longhorns. You’ll learn about Milby Butler and discover his role in saving the well-known Texas Longhorn from extinction. This 8,000 sq ft museum has more than enough artifacts, art, and exhibits to keep you busy for an entire day. Don’t forget to walk through the beautiful outdoor grounds before leaving for the day. 

6. Magic Carpet Golf in Galveston

This mini-golf course features two colorful courses with 18 holes each. This is an activity that’s great for all ages. Couples will enjoy a fun competition while families will create lasting memories having fun learning how to putt. Magic Carpet Golf in Galveston is located directly across the Gulf of Mexico, which means you’ll have some great views as an added bonus.

Two people at a mini golf course in summer clothes with their clubs and balls.

7. Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX

Head slightly north of Dickinson, and you’ll find yourself at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. If you have even a slight interest in space exploration and the history of space flight, you’ll love this space center. 

Here you’ll find a plethora of exhibits, including the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, on display. You can even walk directly under the rocket, getting you up close and personal with a piece of history. If astronauts intrigue you, there’s an astronaut gallery where you can view the spacesuits worn on various missions. There are even live presentations and demonstrations that you can view.

Traveler’s Tip: Enjoy learning about space while you travel? Add Titusville as a stop on your next trip to Florida.

How Big Is Dickinson, TX?

Dickinson, TX, covers an area of about 10 sq miles. The town has just over 21,000 residents. It lies between the two larger cities of Houston and Galveston. Houston has about 2.3 million, making it the largest city in Texas. Galveston has a population of approximately 50,000. 

What Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Dickinson, TX? 

Dickinson, TX, is located in the deep south, meaning it experiences very hot summers. Summertime also brings additional crowds due to schools being on break. If you can manage to visit Dickinson in the fall and winter months, you’ll find cooler temperatures as well as fewer crowds.

Have you had a chance to explore this area of Texas? What are some highlights of Dickinson and the surrounding area that we may have missed?

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