6 Ways to Do Celina, TX, Like a Local

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You could spend years in Texas and never see it all. It can be hard to know where to spend your time with a state as massive as Texas. One place that you may not have heard of might just be the right pick, though. Celina, TX, has a lot to offer and is just a short drive away from one of Texas’ major cities.

Today, we’re looking at why you should consider Celina for your trip to Texas and how you can enjoy it as the locals do. 

Where Is Celina, TX?

Celina, TX, is in the northeastern region of Texas. Those in Dallas can get to Celina by driving about an hour north on the Dallas North Tollway. You can access the Oklahoma border from Celina in less than an hour. 

What Is Celina, TX, Known For?

Celina, TX, has a population of about 23,000. It’s known as a quiet small town that’s family-friendly. Like much of Texas, Celina is a football town. While its high school has less than 900 students, it has one of the best football records in the state. 

Another claim to fame involves famous country singer Kenny Chesney. In 2009, Kenny Chesney filmed a music video for The Boys of Fall in the town. Celina is proud of being featured in the video.  

6 Ways to Do Celina, TX, Like a Local

One of the best ways to experience a town in its true form is to live like a local. Here are a few ways to make the most of your time in Celina and appreciate it the way the locals do. 

1. Spend Some Time at ​​Old Celina Park

The Old Celina Park is the perfect place to spend the afternoon or evening for a relaxing stroll. There are well-manicured baseball fields where you can watch the local youth play ball. There’s a catch and release pond if you would like to throw in a line. Kids needing to get some energy out can do so at the playground equipped with sunshades. 

A family walks together at a park in Texas.

2. Shop in Historic Downtown Celina

Sometimes you just want to walk around the town square doing some local shopping. Thankfully Celina, TX,  has you covered when it comes to cute shops. There’s something for everyone from the fancy custom jewelry shop to the cozy antique shop to the candy shop. Even if you aren’t looking to buy very much, simply window shopping as you walk around makes for a fun evening. 

3. Eat at Toasted Walnut Table and Market

The Toasted Walnut Table and Market is a must-stop for those who prefer to eat fresh. Not only does this restaurant look good, but you’ll also feel good eating there. The chef uses locally sourced ingredients focusing on grass-fed and free-range proteins and locally grown produce. Some of the great dishes you can expect to find on the menu include brisket tacos and chicken fried steak. 

4. Visit Ray Roberts Lake State Park

Take a side trip to Ray Roberts Lake State Park for a chance to spend some time outdoors, both on the water and land. If you prefer to spend your day on the water, you can throw in a line while fishing the lake. Put a boat in the water and enjoy the view. There’s even a kids’ fishing pond.

Those wishing to stay on land won’t find themselves disappointed. You can enjoy your time hiking, geocaching, or biking. There’s even a campground to stay overnight. 

A fisherman on a quiet lake at sunset.

5. Go on a Wine Tour

Though Celina, TX, is a smaller town, there’s no shortage of wineries. Take yourself on a wine tour that you won’t soon forget. Some of your options in the Celina area include Eden Hill Winery and Vineyard, Carmela Winery, and Caudalie Crest. All three wineries are worth the visit, and each features unique offerings.

Caudalie Crest has an added experience that you may not have encountered before: goats! Wander out to the barn and make friends with the winery’s Dwarf Nigerian dairy goats.

6. Attend a Friday Night Football Game

Football is big in Texas, and Celina is no exception. Come Friday night, you’ll find the roads empty and the stadium full. Celina High School boasts eight state titles, making it one of the state’s most successful football programs. At one point, the team had a 69-game winning streak. Attending a Celina football game is more than attending a sporting event; it’s immersing yourself in the town’s culture. 

Student section cheering on their football team on a Friday night.

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What Is It Like to Live in Celina, TX?

To live in Celina, TX, is to live among friends. This cozy town has everything you need and still has that small-town feel. While it’s only about an hour north of Dallas, it feels like rural Texas, featuring plenty of small-town charm. 

Is It Worth Visiting Celina, TX? 

If you like to be near large cities but prefer the quaintness of a small town, Celina is the perfect fit for your Dallas vacation. You can be a short drive away from everything Dallas has to offer while coming back to the slower-paced offerings of Celina.

Have you had a chance to visit this Texas town?

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