5 Ways to Do Burlington, KY, Like a Local

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You might be surprised to see Kentucky listed as a suggested travel destination, but we think you’re going to love this one! Because Kentucky isn’t talked about that often, you may not realize that it’s full of beautiful rolling hills, flowing rivers, and fascinating history.

Today, we’re exploring a northern Kentucky town that might just earn a spot on your travel itinerary. 

Where Is Burlington, KY, Located? 

Burlington, KY, is in the far northeastern part of the state. Those in Cincinnati, Ohio, can reach Burlington within 20 minutes. The Ohio River borders this area of Kentucky, with Indiana across the river on the west and Ohio to the north. Indianapolis is about two hours northwest of Burlington.

A rural farm with hay bales in Kentucky

Traveler’s Tip: Not far from Burlington is another great Kentucky town where you can enjoy a round of golf, a local vineyard, and more — check out Alexandria, KY!

What Is Burlington, KY, Known For? 

Burlington, KY, is known for being a historic Midwestern town. It features many great restaurants and activities. Burlington provides people a place to live close to the city of Cincinnati while offering a small-town atmosphere. Burlington, KY, has a rich history dating back to the late 1700s.

5 Ways to Do Burlington, KY, Like a Local

Often, the best way to explore a town is to view it through a local’s eyes. Understanding why locals love their town is a great way to get an authentic experience while visiting. So here are five ways to explore Burlington, KY, like a local.

1. Eat Breakfast at Washington Square Cafe

Start your day off with a hearty breakfast. When visiting Burlington, KY, few places are better than Washington Square Cafe for breakfast. This local gem features breakfast favorites such as chicken and waffles or a loaded breakfast burrito. For an extra local flare, try “Jefferson Street.” 

Washington Square Cafe is a casual dining restaurant located on Jefferson Street. If you can’t make it for breakfast, it also serves lunch and dinner. 

A basket of fried chicken and waffles for breakfast in Kentucky

2. Visit Dinsmore Farm Museum

Visiting Dinsmore Farm Museum is like taking a step back in time. Martha Ferguson Breasted donated the 30-acre historic farm to the Dinsmore Homestead Foundation as a museum. Her only request was that everything remained the same both inside and outside as when her family lived there. 

The museum has honored her request, providing you with a historically accurate look back at what life was like during the early 1800s. You can explore the home, the grounds, and the on-site cemetery where some of the Dinsmore family and their servants lay at rest. 

Dinsmore Homestead

3. Explore the Rabbit Hash General Store

Take a small 20-minute road trip southwest of Burlington, and you’ll find Rabbit Hash, KY. Rabbit Hash got its name when a high concentration of rabbits fled to the area during the 1847 flood. There were so many rabbits that they made a rabbit “hash,” hence the town’s name.

This short trip south is worth it for those who love quirky small-town shops and exciting history. The Rabbit Hash general store features branded treats and gifts to take home. 

4. Go for a Walk at England/Idlewild Park and Dog Park

A great way to experience a town is to stroll around the local park. England/Idlewild Park and Dog Park is the perfect place to do just that. The 290-acre park has both wooded and open areas as well as wetlands.

There are three fishing ponds stocked with bluegill and catfish. There are plenty of opportunities for play, such as on the 24-hole disc golf course, playground, and ball fields. Those wanting to stretch their legs can do so on the 1.8 miles of trails. 

5. Get Dinner at Tousey House Tavern

Burlington, KY, might be a small town, but they know how to do good food just as well as the big city. Stop by the Tousey House Tavern for dinner, and you won’t be disappointed. The Tousey House Tavern is a great date night destination, giving you the perfect mix of upscale and comfortable. 

Start your meal with an appetizer of crab cakes before enjoying your main course of brisket mac and cheese or pork tenderloin. Don’t forget to enjoy some great Kentucky Bourbon or wine with your meal. 

Tousey House Tavern

How Big Is Burlington, KY?

Burlington, KY, is made up of 8.8 square miles. As of 2021, about 17,400 people called Burlington home. It has the benefits of a small town where everyone feels they know their neighbors. Yet because it’s only 20 minutes from Cincinnati, residents have access to everything the big city has to offer. 

Is Burlington, KY, Worth a Visit? 

Burlington, KY, is a great place to visit for those who appreciate a historic place with small-town charm. There’s plenty to do between the great restaurants, insightful history, and fun shopping.

With Cincinnati not far away, there are seemingly endless places to stay and activities to enjoy. Burlington, KY, is a great place to plan a weekend trip. You could even extend it to a week-long journey if you add in nearby Cincinnati.

How would you plan your visit to Burlington, KY?

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