The AIRE Ancient Baths Are a Must for Tired Travelers

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For centuries, baths and spas have been regarded as highly therapeutic practices the world over. In recent years, baths have become particularly popular in the United States. There are sites popping up all over the country, including the AIRE Ancient Baths in New York.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what exactly these baths look like. We’ll also look at what makes the AIRE Ancient Baths in New York so unique.

What Are the AIRE Ancient Baths in New York? 

The AIRE Ancient Baths in New York are modeled after the ancient baths of the Roman, Greek, and Ottoman societies. These baths were communal gathering places that allowed for daily cleansing, swimming, massage, and sunbathing.

Similarly, the AIRE baths in New York take the stress out of daily life. They provide thermal baths, massages, and various aromatic experiences. 


Located in the heart of TriBeCa, you can find the AIRE Ancient Baths in New York at 88 Franklin St, New York, NY 10013. The baths reside within a restored textile factory from the early 1880s.

The bath’s location in one of the city’s most coveted neighborhoods suggests a luxury experience. It makes the baths a popular spot for those with a little extra cash to spare.


The AIRE company believes in the healing and restorative power of water. In each of the eight facilities around the world, each service bases the properties of water and its effects on the mind and body. In their New York branch, the AIRE Ancient baths offer a unique, luxury experience for those wishing to relax in the waters of the ancient baths. 

You can pair each experience with the heated pools with various massages and scrubs. A few of the most popular bookings include “The Ancient Thermal Bath & 60’ Relaxing Massage.” It’s a tour that allows full access to all the facility’s pools and a 60-minute massage.

Another popular pick is the “Holistic Ritual 45.” It includes a tour of several pools, an exfoliation and hair treatment, and a 45-minute massage. The tour of the facility’s pools can provide quite the invigorating experience as each pool has a different temperature. 

While the main emphasis of the AIRE Ancient Baths in New York is on water-based experiences, they also provide experiences that rely heavily on the art of bodywork and massage. You can pair these experiences with shorter time spent in the pools or extra time on other services. The itinerary is mostly up to the preferences of the guests.

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Woman relaxing in Aire Ancient Bath

Do I Need to Make a Reservation for the AIRE Ancient Baths? 

When thinking about booking an experience at the AIRE Ancient Baths, it’s essential to note that reservations are required. Due to its popularity and uniqueness, the limited slots tend to go quickly. AIRE recommends that you book your visit as far in advance as possible. That will ensure you get the experience you’re hoping for.

How Long Can You Stay at AIRE Ancient Baths?

The length of your stay at the baths depends on the experience that you have reserved. The average time spent at the baths varies from 90 minutes to three hours. There’s ample time for you to enjoy the baths and receive the other treatments you selected during your time slot. Therefore, you can’t stay in the baths past your scheduled time. 

What Do You Wear to AIRE?

When deciding whether or not to include a trip to the AIRE Ancient Baths on your next trip to New York, you may be wondering what to wear. Bathing suits are required while all guests are in the pools and you need robes and slippers in the common areas. When getting a massage or exfoliation treatment, guests must dress to their comfort level. 

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How Much Do Services at the AIRE Ancient Baths in New York Cost?

The cost of the services at AIRE Ancient Baths in New York varies depending on the service you request. The prices are calculated based on length, experience, and the number of people accommodated during the service. Typically, the services can range from $270 to $627 for one person and $559 to $1,254 for a couple. 

Should I Tip at AIRE Ancient Baths New York?

While not required, tipping at AIRE Ancient Baths is a thoughtful gesture. Like any job providing a service, workers like to feel appreciated for the work and care they show guests to enhance the experience. While you will still receive excellent service regardless of tipping, handing an attendant a little extra something on your way out goes a long way. 

Are AIRE Baths Worth It?

Now that we’ve learned about what the AIRE Ancient Baths in New York have to offer, we can ask ourselves, “Are they worth the trip?” From our standpoint, absolutely. Though they may seem a little on the pricier end, nothing quite compares to relaxing in an environment designed for you to do just that. 

From the abundance of experiences and amenities for you to enjoy, it could be worth your time and money to take a little time out of your day to treat yourself. AIRE Ancient Baths offer a unique experience. And though you may not be able to experience the ancient Greek and Roman baths firsthand, AIRE can transport you to another time.

Are you ready to book a trip to relax at AIRE Ancient Baths?

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